C Ribet Zenfolio Gallery | Return Policy

My policy is very simple - I want you to be happy.

Please contact me (use the contact form at this website) if you have problems with any order you place here. Regardless, as soon as possible, you should also contact Zenfolio or the print provider whose information will be on the order confirmation emails and invoices that accompany your order. They may be able to help you faster than I can.

When you use the contact form, please include in the 'message' area a brief summary of the problem. I will get in touch with you via email. Even if you have a problem that you consider minor, please let me know about it and I will pass the feedback along to the print company or Zenfolio.

I apply a standard 30 day return policy period to all orders unless exceptional circumstances apply, so the sooner you can let me know about any problem the sooner I can resolve it for you. If there are problems that are not fixable to your satisfaction, then I will offer a full refund for your purchase. I want you to be happy with any item you purchase here.

Visit GalleryCalifornia.com to learn more about my work and to see walk throughs of many of the great features of this Zenfolio gallery such as the ability to manage your own shareable image sets, create your personal collector account, learn how purchasing art works and more...

C Ribet