Standard Print | Metallic Paper

Metallic paper prints give an amazing 3D enhancement to C Ribet Dewscapes / Mizzlescapes. They have a somewhat reflective surface, but when light shines directly on them they really explode with color. Quite unexpectedly, light that hits obliquely often obscures the image more on the mat color photo paper than on the metallic paper - even though the metallic paper is glossier on the surface. This is because the metallic paper reflects the colors of the image back so brightly that there effectively is no reflection of glare as in glass or regular glossy photographs.

For virtually all of the Dewscapes / Mizzlescapes abstract water images for a Standard Print the Metallic paper option will give the most eye-popping color and 3D impact in a really fun and unique presentation.

Standard Print | E-Surface Color Photo Paper

The best paper for the Animals such as the Lions and other furry critters is the E-Surface Color Paper. The metallic paper for these particular images is not as appropriate. The California Landscapes also are great on E-Surface Color Paper and do not need the metallic paper punch.

E-Surface Color Paper will yield more muted images with a little less loss of subtle highlights than the metallic papers. It also provides a more textured mat finish than the metallic paper. For lower impact, more traditional color photo style versions of the Dewscapes / Mizzlescapes than the metallic paper choose the E-Surface Photo Paper.

Standard Print | Black and White

If you want a B&W print, add any image to your cart and using the Configuration tool turn it Black and White and then use Black and White print paper. A lot of the colorful images also look really spectacular in Black and White - so experiment as you see fit.

Fine Art Papers - Hahnemuhle German Etching 310

This is the paper on which I print many of the Limited edtions. It has a wonderful surface texture that really enhances images such as the misty California Landscapes and the subtle Dewsapes / Mizzlescapes - particularly those with large areas of gentle color gradients. This is where the texture and weight of the Hahnemuhle paper really stands out. You will have a much more painterly feeling with the Hahnemuhle Fine Art paper than with the photo papers. Everything looks great on them, and has the look and feel of the board-like watercolor paper as part of the presentation which is unique to these fine art papers.

This is a true absolute top of the line fine art paper. Many print houses offer cheap knock offs they call water color papers. This is the real thing. It is shipped flat (not in a roll - this will rub the surface and may ruin the print) and packaged with the ultimate care to avoid any and all damage to the delicate print surface.